The Team

Shanoo Chupty

Shanoo describes herself as a “Jill of all trades and mistress of none” but she is assured by a very beloved friend (and we all need friends like that) that she has a broad range of skills.

Looking back over the years, Shanoo acknowledges that the experience gained as a social worker in the mental health field, moving into sales and marketing, event management and having great fun in the early days of satellite conferencing, before managing her own small business in design and print and project co-ordination, have indeed contributed to her broad range of skills and have led her on the path to found Transition Solutions.

Shanoo believes that in being of service to others and helping others meet their needs, then her own would be met too. Shanoo holds that life is a series of transitions, large and small, seen and unseen, occurring with our consent and without, but always providing opportunities for us to meet them with grace and ease and with an eye to a new adventure.

Michele Harpur

Michele brings her years of experience of project managing corporate campaigns and roadshow logistics to Transition Solutions. She ensures that each step of the project is completed with quality precision and remains true to deadlines and budget.

Michele is committed to making life simpler, and works with our clients to ensure that each step of the transition is as orderly as possible, which allows them to focus on the joy of this next life phase.